Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can you see him??

There is a particular stretch of road on the trip to Ottawa that is horribly boring, unless you look in the marshy ponds at the side of the road and look for herons. Most times you spot one or two, but it's difficult enough depending on the time of day, while traveling at breakneck speed.

Our return trip "up home" ended in an unplanned diversion and we stopped in Almonte. I decided it was meant to be, so we did a bit of antiquing...well, I antiqued, the Professor scoured the maps to find the quickest route back to the main road. It was a weekend of missed turns, but resulted in fortuitous finds.

The only heron I spotted was actually in Almonte. There were none along the roadside this trip. Again, meant to be.

Would you have seen him, standing there...all alone?

It was dreadfully hot, so he had the best locale in the town.

I had wandered off the antique shop route and found myself on the river walk. Luckily I had the camera, as the Professor always thinks I'm just saying "I saw one!"

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