Thursday, July 7, 2011

Florence K

I wish Canada would celebrate Canada Day the way the Americans celebrate the Fourth of July.

In Washington, you get top performers with great sound and crowds. Well, okay, perhaps Little Richard is pushing it.

In Canada, we seem to have this need to showcase "new" and upcoming talent from all over the country. While this approach is laudable, it can also mean some fairly sketchy performances. The Professor and I were wondering why in the world some of our most stellar performers were not present this year, particularly since this one included royalty.

Why didn't we have Michael J. Fox or William Shatner as MC? How about getting Celine Dion to come home for a day? Well, guess it's cause they are now in the USA where they are appreciated and make money. We have Bryan Adams and Buffy St. Marie and many others who are recipients of the Order of Canada. How about Neil Young! Shania Twain??? I think she was even in the area signing books! Heck, I'd even welcome PAUL ANKA!!!

The one good thing that I learned this year was the existence of

Florence K.

She is the daughter of fabulous musicians and I just love her style. For this one performance I am grateful. I think the Duke and Duchess also liked her the best.

Have a great weekend. We're off up to the Nation's Capital. I'm not sure that anyone there will listen, but if they do, you can be sure I'll be telling them to fix things next year!


  1. You got the best sources for entertainment and culture!
    Thanks Leslie.

  2. Leslie,I agree with you. We have an abundance of talent in Canada. It's about time they are showcased as they deserve. They certainly would be in the US.
    Florence K stood out to me as well during the Canada Day celebrations.



  3. You should lead the way there - all good choices (too bad Lorne Greene isn't still alive!). Isn't there "Canadian Idol" - surely some good picks right there!