Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Post - Nancy Whiskey and my ancestors

Guest post by The Professor - who knows no bounds when it comes to looking into my ancestral past. You can be sure I'll be teaching the grandchildren this song :)

Turns out, I descend from a long line of weavers!

The Calton Weavers to be exact. They are from Glasgow, Scotland. This was a REALLY rough area, and life was dreadfully difficult. Apparently it still is. No wonder that they came to Canada, and no wonder that they must have been very disappointed in the the Canadian Shield shale they were given.

The Perth/Lanark side of the family descends from Scottish settlers who came to Canada in 1820. Many of them were from Glasgow and a large contingent were weavers from Calton, now part of Glasgow. One of the ancestors was William Hood (1744 - 1810) who was known to be employed as a weaver. His son James Hood (1776 -1859) came to Canada with his son William Hood (1799 - 1874). William is a great-great grandfather.

William's mother was Elizabeth Jones (1776 - 1803). She is buried in Calton Cemetery in Glasgow. This cemetery, also known as the Abercromby St. Cemetery, was famous as a graveyard for the weavers (and their wives) who worked in Calton.

The area and people were notorious enough to be recorded in song...this rendition by the Clancy Brothers.

an interesting account of Calton today


  1. I think this song explains a lot about your side of the family. :-)

  2. I can't help but think what a kick Mother Jean would get out of that ditty. I suspect that the family tradition of weaving will be at the top of your autumn "to do" list. A wee belt of whisky will make the experiece ever so pleasant.