Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now where did I put that.......

It all started in an effort to find a bag of fibres that I wanted to use.

Not in the basement storage, BUT...now, all the boxes harbouring this-and-that are duly marked and inventoried. One box for cross-stitch, one for recycled fabrics, one for unfinished quilting projects (that might someday resurface), one for odds and sods of wool, one for "curiosities"...for lack of a better explanation.

Upstairs the rooting continued and ended up in the purchase of a new shelf
Pier One...the 'goes anywhere shelf'. It tapers toward the top and was therefore the perfect size and shape to fit in a small hall area between the bedroom and bath. It now stores a vast array of magazines and books.

The hamper (which the shelf replaced) had to be emptied and sorted and redistributed into the linen closet, where happily a new space was found to house the vacuum cleaner. The contents of a small three tiered wire basket on wheels were dispersed and now live in a new little cabinet in the bathroom. The cart will be used in the studio.

Ah yes, in the "Studio" the shelves in the Ikea cupboard needed to be altered. Now heavier boxes housing fat quarters and wool can be pulled out like drawers and tipped as opposed to overhead deathly removal.

What was it I was looking for????


  1. you were looking for a bag of "fibres" apparently....what are you doing over there????let's hope someone doesn't find you under a pile of boxes....bouncing a basketball with your free hand!!!!
    I think it is time for you to get back to fitness!!!!

  2. I don't know anyone who searches and sorts more than you. I do recall days when I was the recipient of your extras after some of your extensive rooting sessions. Thank you for not offering these days, but should you find extra storage room on that fancy new unit, let me know, and you might just get some of your own wares back!

  3. Can you come over to my house right away. Stat! ok well if not I guess I should get to Pier 1 and score a shelving unit like that one. Or maybe 2. A place for everything and everything in it's place - oh if it could only be so.

  4. But what kind of fibres were you looking for; thread, wool, rope or possibly bran???

  5. Don't you just love when everything is in order. I do.

  6. We talked about this and I'm glad now to have a picture of the shelving unit. I'm still trying to get the word curiosities into my brain as suitable. I think I might think to go there for clock parts or a headband with stars on springs or a plate for deviled eggs. I just can't think of what you put in there.

  7. I'm going to address all of this in order. I consider this a type of fitness. If you consider all those flights of stairs and straining and groaning under heaps of fabric etc. There will be time enough for the gym in the fall.

    Yes Helen, I do "root" quite regularly. I'm hoping in my next life to return as an efficiency expert with a mind like a steel trap!

    I'm not sure that being entirely tidy is actually sane. I think rooting is a much more noble effort. After all, what would I do if it was all tidy? Not terribly inspirational methinks.

    You don't want to know what "curiosities" I kept. To name a few..Large jingle bells, Styrofoam balls, patterns for sock bunnies...perhaps "absurdities" would be a better classifier...one never knows when you'll need green pipe cleaners! Get the picture???

  8. Yes, those foam balls have a myriad of uses, as do the pipe cleaners (bendy leaves, stems, etc.). Sock bunnies: charming Easter/shower gifts, no doubt. I am glad that you can see order through it all, I have unfinished projects that do not seem to find a proper home, and so I sigh in my crafty chaos.