Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Results

I'm not sure if you'll remember the part in "Alice in Wonderland" about the Caucus-Race?

"How to Run a Caucus-Race"

1. With a piece of chalk, mark out a racecourse - it doesn't matter what shape.

2. Place the contestants anywhere on the course.

3. Do not blow a whistle or say, "Ready, steady, go!"
Contestants may begin running whenever they like.

4. Likewise, contestants may stop running whenever they like.

Note for Organizers:
It is very difficult to determine the winner of a Caucus-race, but all winners must have prizes.

It's a bit like that when you have a Mad Hatter's tea party and 3 of the guests are the little bride's attendants.

The first thing is ...there are no rules. You may eat what you want, when you want, it doesn't matter.

So, if you were 8 or 10 years old, where would you start??? Of course you would. With the ICING!

I'm not quite sure if these are the bride's attendants or little girls that ended up on the lounger with just the right sized cakes!

Whoever it was that was floating around the tea table had a hand in the decorating- with-gumballs department.

No teapot was left untouched!

I believe what we're seeing here is the direct result of bridal attendants hopped up on quite a bit of sugar!!

It is Wonderland after all...and there are NO RULES!


  1. I love those little cupcakes. Well, actually, I love everything on the table. What a fun event! I've been kicked out of Google and haven't been able to comment before now. Hopefully I'm back.

  2. OMG wonder you were pooped! you worked like a beaver...looks awesome...hope the bride-to -be appreciates all your creativity,sense of style and of course....cupcakes...BRAVO to you!!


    can you have a party for MOI???

  3. It is so nice to be able to enjoy this tea again, thanks for blogging about it, it was such a fun time. Have the hedgehogs gone back to their holes yet?

    The cookies froze beautifully and I assembled some for our visiting family who were duly impressed by their crispy sweetness and beauty.