Monday, August 1, 2011

Here we go again...

Can it be a year ago that I was fretting about this packing thing??? I've packed so many times between then and now, yet every time I pull out a suitcase it astounds me that this chick was able to do this...underwear aside :)

For the record, I cannot go, even for 3 days, in a carry on. Too many variables, and hey...WHY should I ??? I am facing a tremendous amount of travel this month and I have decided that Leslie Jane Moran does not travel in a carry on. That's that. My case is the middle one. Expandable.


  1. The middle one is just right!


  2. Lucky you - you get to check a bag!

    Lauren A.

  3. The coolest luggage ever ...kind of retro/futuristic Barbie (or something).

  4. Do you have room for me in that suitcase?

  5. These are cool luggages. Want to replace mine with some chic ones like yours. Bon voyage!