Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I survived the 2011 Washington, DC EARTHQUAKE

I had just gone down to the basement in Dana's home to put away a box of coffee, when I felt the first rumble.

They live on a very busy road, so I thought at first..."Man that's one heavy truck going by...seems like it's rattling the entire house!" Thirty seconds later, it was evident that this was no pesky traffic incident. I flew up the stairs to Dana's 95 year old Mother, who was quite enjoying the rocking and rolling and mentioned that the host on the QVC channel had never been on air when an earthquake was underway. Quickly enough the reports came in, the crowds funneled out of the city and the rest is history.

I did stand in the doorway until the shaking stopped, but we might want to review evacuation procedures with Doris! She actually would have liked the event to happen again, so she could be more cognizant of what was actually happening. Yeah Right!

The saddest part is the loss of one of the spires on the National Cathedral. I love that architecture.

I've landed from DC and Maine, and we are taking off for Brussels on Friday.


  1. Glad you all had such a nice time in Maine!! Yes, wasn't that exciting? Was sitting on the sofa at home (4th fl.) and felt the whole bldg. shake. Thought a truck had hit it...holy cow! Very best wishes on your travels to the little family in Brussells! - David

  2. I'm so glad you were there for mom...even if she only wanted to talk about having it go again... I love you and am glad your trip home was less bumpy than your trip to our basement. You might have thought the coffee was for a percolator and not kureg the way things were popping.

    I'll keep you close in my pocket for this next voyage.

  3. I was sitting at my desk when the earthquake shake hit Mississauga. My desk chair, which is on wheels and on a vinyl carpet protector, started to roll away from the desk and then back to it. I thought, yikes, is the furnace about to blow up or something. Maybe I should get out of the house. Then I got busy and forgot about it. About an hour later I walked into the kitchen and heard the news on the CBC radio.
    Have a great time with the kids!