Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Official -

The little family is coming back to North America! Jane, Michael and Zoë are moving to Los Angeles in the fall. It's almost as far away as one can get, but it IS on this side of the pond and only a three hour time difference, albeit now we'll be counting backwards :)

The Professor and I have never been to Hollywood, but look forward to exploring the best parts of LA and surrounding southern California. They just need to have a big enough house with an extra bedroom.

Turns out this video is appropriate. Lucy is the Professor's cousin.


  1. We will have an excellent time! When the girls are old enough we can gather them together and take a trip...or we can take a Grand-Mom-Little Girl trip with the 6 of us.

  2. Oh let's not wait. As soon as Ruby Jean can make it to Disneyland, we're going! Zoë is just about right for it now...pack your bags!

  3. OK I will....but you better be packing your bags for Maine right now!!

  4. Congrats to all. I see an air trip in our future to visit the gang, along Auntie Myrna, Susy's Mom's kid sister.
    Does life get better than that!

  5. What WONDERFUL news! There is just some comfort in knowing that you are at least on the same side of the ocean. A three hour time difference will seem like a trifle. Yeah!