Friday, August 26, 2011

One Man's Treasure

the old saying..."One man's trash is another man's treasure", is never more evident than in the back woods of Nervous Nellies Jams and Jellies. Most people head for the jam, but I love the shaded glade with all the RUST!

It's like a symphony of metal.
In the transportation section, we have....

And in the horn section....

All of these corroded pieces will eventually find themselves included in a whimsical sculpture. One only has to travel around the area to spy an unexpected rusty brass creation on a front lawn.
One of my favourite haunts in Maine.


  1. But you have to agree that the jams and jellies are good too. But this is a favorite spot.

  2. Lots of memories in those rusty treasures! Check out "American Pickers" and "American Restoration" - at Fun to see what happens to some of those things in the hands of collectors -

  3. Beautiful photographs in the rust series. Very Very nice!