Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Report from Brussels

There is barely time to take pictures. Trust me, at this age, it takes a village just to hold the fort! We have a busy 20 month old on our hands and are keeping up fairly well...so she says.

Miss Zoë is such a big girl now. She loves watching her Disney movies...getting ready for the big move to LA in the fall and Disneyland!! The Disney cruise for sure when this one is three! She is a very sweet, sweet, girl and a bundle of fun.


  1. Lovely little one with curiosity and mischief in her eyes!
    tante d

  2. What a darling picture. I'm so glad it's going well. I know you must just tumble into bed.

  3. Such a doll! Won't they all have a great time in CA? BTW, YouTube has lots of classic Disney songs/clips (you can hear Snow White sing in about a dozen different languages). Have fun!

  4. oh Leslie...she just gets cuter and cuter...you are so lucky(and jane and michael)to spend this time with her...hope the professor is lending a helping hand!

    this pic looks like a young girl from the 50's...I love her hair!

    more updates,plese


  5. You certainly caught her in a pensive moment. Excellent photography and a most adorable subject. Glad to hear that she feels you are doing a great job. You will have many entertaining accounts to share upon your return.

  6. So cute! Have fun. Who needs the gym when you are chasing a toddler...

  7. Susy and I know about the village thing. Zoe looks spectacular in that photo. By the way, I recently read that Disneyland is opening a Cars, the movie, spectacular exhibit in 2012 (12 acres big, I think). We're definitely doing the CA trip with Big Ben to check that one out.
    Enjoy your stay.

  8. Hi Leslie Looks like you are having a busy time with Zoe. I relate to an active toddler. She is adorable thanks for sharing

  9. Lovely pictures and what a cute pretty little angel!!! Have fun and enjoy :)