Friday, September 9, 2011

The Grandest of Girls

We miss our little one already.

As the time-adjustments fall into place some really strange things happen. I found myself happily ensconced on the couch watching the rain delayed, on-again, off-again US Open Tennis. One of my favourite sports events. I was also drifting on again and off again at one time jolting awake thinking I'd lost Zoë, and another, physically feeling cats curling up in my lap. I think I've now mastered that it is Friday, we are in North America, and I can actually close both eyes at the same time.

This photo was taken at the last meeting of the playgroup that all gave birth around the same time Zoë was born in Brussels. Jane has really captured Zoë magnificently here. She's so curious and focuses for very long periods of time. It's a beautiful WHERE IS SHE????? Oh yes, did I mention ACTIVE. They are winging their way to the US with an October start date in LA. Who knows when the container of their stuff will arrive - creative camping.

Gotta go and take another nap and dream of all things Californian to go on the list.


  1. What a beautiful little miss. One can see that she observes her environment very carefully. I am sure that she is missing her grandparents greatly. Many happy reunions lie ahead in California. Venice Beach...I can see Zoë entertaining the crowds already!

  2. This is a beautiful picture. It really captures her being.