Monday, October 31, 2011


This is the one I'm going to try this year. I used to do very intricate cut-outs, but without kids, I find that The Professor doesn't ooh and ahh quite enough to merit a day of scraping and cutting and repairing with toothpicks.

I've eaten just about all of the little chocolate bars we got for shelling out....I wonder how many goblins will be around to the door this year? The neighbourhood is changing and there are a few new youngsters, but nothing like past years when our kids were out there tearing around with pillow cases! Happy Halloween everyone. I hope to have a picture of my Granddaughter "The Pirate" ....she's dressing up in LA and going to Mummy's work for treats! Oh that they were here. BOO!


  1. Well the world series goes Halloween. Sweet! They sure scared the Rangers.

  2. scary....what is that??? a chicken??


  3. Isn't that one of the "Angry Birds" from the video game? You are so trendy, of course!!