Tuesday, October 18, 2011


In the Reggiano dialect "choka" means "make a noise" and "beck" means "beak".
"It was an expression my father used when I was a child. Whenever I asked him if there was anything to eat, rather than tell me there was nothing, he would say "A ghe di chocabeck" - "There's chocabeck".
"For ages I thought these "chocabecks" were really good to eat. I'm still looking forward to having some !!!"
Zucchero 2010

Luckily, there is not much chance that my doctor reads my blog. This is the Chocabeck tour that performed in Toronto last Saturday. The video is from Vienna, this is part of the world tour.

This makes me want to dance and clap and sing and learn Italian. Mostly it makes me smile. The new album is great. I downloaded it from iTunes on the way home. Straight home to bed. It was only a little chair dancing:) Our daughter always wanted to be on a stage performing and having the audience do whatever she instructed. It's not too late Jane!


  1. Hummm it doesn't sound as though you are entirely convinced that your doc doesn't read your blog...all that about straight home to bed and chair dancing...ah huh...we know better. I'm so glad it was such a huge success and NO COUGHING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leslie Jane:

    this is your doctor....

    get straight to bed

    no more "chair" dancing

    you are being very naughty