Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A few Treats

Since it is verboten to drink alcohol and liquor while on massive doses of antibiotic, it is essential to find another anxiety reducing outlet.

May I suggest

See's Gourmet Lollypops are ghastly expensive, but when compared to the price of a martini these days, you have to put things in perspective.

As soon as I am well enough, all the Lollypops will be gone...(they are rather a mouthful), I will be sure to be making Carol's latest concoction.

Until then, the wonderful Vanilla, Butterscotch, Chocolate and Caffé Latté, flavours, individually wrapped in foil, will soothe my raspy throat as well as my soul.

I have only ever had See's candies (chocolates) while in San Fransisco, but I understand that the company was formed in Los Angeles! I guess this means that when I go to visit my granddaughter and her family, there will be an abundance of See's Lollypops around.

I found mine at the local Chapter's Bookstore checkout:)


  1. I can just see you with a lump in your cheek. Oh poor baby....but a great find. Favorite flavor? Cherry I think.

  2. You are in for yet another treat when you visit the little family, See's is a long-time CA candy company. They make lots of goodies, but those little pops are delightful. Macy's carries some of the line, too. Enjoy!


  3. Great to have you back in the blogosphere. As for See's Chocolates, o.k., but, I'm more of a candy fan: fuzzy peaches, swedish berries, sour patch kids. Love those Maynard's Candies!!