Sunday, October 16, 2011

Figgy Pudding?

Now that the little family are just about settled in their new home in Venice, California, they find that they have a fig tree in the yard. Jane was wondering what to do about all these figs! If she doesn't collect them, the squirrels get in there and make a right mess. I suggested making jam, to which she wrinkled her nose and went on about having to get little glass jars etc. etc.

My all-time personal favourite fig recipe is one from the LCBO festive magazine.

Clearly you have to have a party to serve as many as this makes and I'm not sure they know that many people at this point. Zoë will probably like them, but she's not such a big eater yet.

On the jam front, nothing could be easier than this one...Spicy Fig Orange Microwave Jam

It should be a comfort to know that Californians seem to know a thing or two about FIGS! California Fig Advisory Board"

If you have way too many figs, you should put them all in an attractive little basket and put them at the gate with a "Please help yourself to fresh figs" sign. It's all about living in a community now. I'm going to out my rocket scientist daughter and tell everyone that she purchased Martha Stewart outdoor patio furniture, so there is yet hope of her becoming 'somewhat' domesticated:) The figs in a basket is a very "Martha" thing to do. GO JANE!

One for our side!


  1. Lucky Jane! That looks like a delicious recipe, Leslie. Good suggestion for extra figs, too. I don't cook with figs much, as they are so $$$, but I saw a recipe on TV once for figs wrapped in prosciutto (or even bacon would be good!). That would be an easy and tasty appetizer.

  2. Judith and Lesley Jane made fig jam. I just love the whole idea of wondering what to do with extra figs. High class problem!!

    Oh, and the recipe for the gor-fig little I wouldn't need a crowd to come over...I'd be fine on my own, thank you.


  3. I made a bunch of fig jam this summer and it is a wonderful treat! So easy to give as little gifts for office workers, etc.

    I sure hope you're feeling better. I miss your auntie!

  4. I love the idea of fig jam, I just don't think I can pull it off! I can barely make toast! I saw some of the same recipes as David with figs wrapped in prosciutto - you can also put cheese in there. So I might try some sort of figs+gorgonzola+prosciutto thing.

    In the meantime, the cats are up the fig tree all the time, so the squirrels are under control. :)

  5. Oh, and also - the Martha Stewart patio furniture collection was purchased at Home Depot, so it's not like I was purposely shopping for Martha Stewart. I happened to trip over it as I was purchasing a screwdriver.