Sunday, October 30, 2011

Switching Allegiance

It's that time of year again in Canada. Lip smacking fall. The "chapping" begins!

I used to be strictly a Blistex - (original/regular) devotee. This summer, I was drawn to a colourful display of Burt's Bee's products, and knowing that this would make my daughter-in-law terribly proud of me:), I went for the pricier option. There will be NO going back. I LOVE this "tinted" lip balm. It's a little bit of colour and a lot of comfort.


  1. OOOOOH- great find!!! I LOVE Burt's and they keep coming up with such great super-yummy-smelling-healthier beauty/bath products . . . I'm sure your lips will enjoy being pampered!

  2. Thanks for buying me MY first. J and I now have them and Mom is next. Remembering a happy time.

  3. I'm sure Burt's is great, but don't forget good old Rawleigh's! It does wonders but is definitely not tinted and does smell a wee bit medicinal!

  4. I wear Burt's every day. That and my Dr Pepper Bonne Belle that I've been wearing since the 70s!