Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There really is a first time for everything

As seen the other evening in a window at the Eaton Center. Who knew???

Once, The Professor was overheard wondering who in the world would ever pay $400 for a pair of shoes???!!! Ahem. When one has small, narrow feet, and they are the only shoes that fit properly, there are times when "one" is forced to resort to extremes! Normally, people with small, narrow feet shop at Norstrom's Rack in the US and get the $400 shoes for much, much less. At this point in time, I know of one little girl who will be accompanying her Mamère to the nearest Nordy's in LA!

Let's hope they have her size.
Imagine...her first Weitzmans!!!


  1. Oh the money that can be spent. Telling the amount isn't necessarily 'weitz' though.

  2. I would call them orthopedic shoes. That would justify the cost.

  3. Just split the difference and buy a time.

  4. Ok so Peggy would probably buy them and say....(OMG can you believe these shoes were 1/2 price??!! Then later...OMG we LOST one....I'm just going to have to buy them again....thank god they are still half price.