Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reflections of a Pirate

It's all over now but the candy wrappers. This is the first Halloween that Zoë will really have been cognizant of the festivities. I'm sure it was still a bit of a mystery. What IS a pumpkin anyway???

Is this a holiday to celebrate one of Mummy's favourite colours?

It's a bit like the three bears story. One is too small, One is too big,
but THIS ONE is Just Right!

Why are all these people dressed up like one of my movies? I just moved from Belgium to Los Angeles...will we dress like this every day? Are we movie stars now?

Do you think we can find Johnny Depp?

Maybe I should have gone after some furniture. Where do I sit to eat all this loot? I hope the container with all our household goods arrives soon, but for now, it's not unlike living on a pirate that why I'm dressed like this???


  1. Adorable, adorable, adorable!!!

    Lauren A.

  2. "SO CUTE IT'S SCARY"! How appropriate for Miss Zoë! She is going to have many wonderful experiences in her new home, and what better way to start out than with a costume and lots of tasty treats. How perfect to have a house with lots of space for zipping about, after all that chocolate!

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  4. I made a million spelling mistakes,so I will try again!!!
    love the shot of our little miss between the 2 pumpkins...and her loot bag with the feet,how sweet!
    did you get a load of that HUGE succulent in the garden??? how amazing is that??
    next will be their thanksgiving..looking forward to the photos

  5. ok. well she is WAY cuter than any pirate I saw around here. Love the porch photo.

  6. There is an important update - The container with all the household goods has arrived! So now the little pirate has all her stuff back, let the climbing begin!

  7. OMG -- she is so adorable!!!!! but when did she get so big? She's not a baby anymore!!!