Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving USA

I sometimes celebrate the American Thanksgiving (as opposed to the Canadian Thanksgiving) in the USA, but not this year. I am really going to miss the Black Friday trek to the outlet mall in the middle of the night :)

Technically, I think from very dubious ancestors to present day family, I sort of qualify to celebrate. I most likely should have cleaned the silver and made a turkey.

It started when we lived in Princeton, for six years of our very young and informative lives. The faculty and students we lived and loved among became family and have remained so for the past 43 years. We are still in touch with all of them despite having been dispersed to places like Norway, Switzerland, California, and Washington DC.

The Professor has been publishing his text book for so long now that the American publishers are like family...he spent one stint in Chapel Hill, North Carolina as writer in residence.

My niece married an American and all her children are American. Our daughter married and American, our son married an American and our granddaughter is an American! I think this qualifies us on some level to be unequivocally attached to the USA, while remaining staunchly Canadian.

There is nothing more quintessentially American than Norman Rockwell. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends, in-laws, outlaws, and relatives. We are ever so thankful for all of you!


  1. Thank you sweetheart. We miss you!!
    The house smells wonderful and is already almost full as wait for last family to arrive.

  2. what a wonderful tribute!
    I hope their weather is as glorious as ours was, for our Thanksgiving.
    I am jealous of the "smell" though..nothing like a turkey in the oven to arouse your senses!

    cheers! :o)

  3. How nice, sharing traditions and customs with our neighbors and cousins to the North, realizing our friendships know no borders. Such a great photo, Leslie - she's so ultra-cute w/that potato masher! You don't often see a "relish tray" (celery) today as depicted in that Rockwell painting, and I think I spy a solid cranberry jelly mold! A bit "retro" for some, but it tastes just fine, as do the fancier versions we see today...