Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lights on the Lynn River

An hour and a half from Toronto, Simcoe, ON. The "Christmas Lights on the River" celebration last weekend. We have not been to Simcoe since our daughter was in a cousin's wedding some thirty years ago. The drive was a reminder of where some of the best farmland in Ontario lies. We got into town with just enough light to get a few shots of the park that would later be completely illuminated.

By the time we left town, it was all lit up and the entire community was buzzing with anticipation. No snow yet, but it will be lovely. Zoë must see this some day.


  1. Simcoe is a lovely little town. We have gone there from the cottage.
    Beautiful large estates...tobacco money! The decorations look very festive!

  2. Will you take Zoe this year? I'm sure it's magical.