Monday, December 19, 2011

The best Advent Calendar without chocolate

It's still not too late to enjoy the daily fun with the Jacquie Lawson London Advent Calendar. Go to Jacquie to order one.

I just love the new activity every day and leave the screen up to hear Big Ben Chiming every 15 minutes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. I tried to send this to my gym buddies, as I totally forgot the annual card exchange this year. Only half were able to download the gift, but there are ways to overcome the pitfalls of the program. I've decorated the tree several times, my own version of snowflakes fall and I'm amazed each day to see either a boat floating by or a double decker bus in the background....I am so wishing the people walking on the sidewalk would go into the restaurant :) Try it! You'll love it.

It's a real delight and if you are not into the London view, then there is a village view as well. Some have both...just to keep the merriment at an all-time high.

P.S. This is also in the "decorating" category! Done.


  1. I never got the link???? Do I not qualify as a "gym Buddy"?
    What the heck????
    I am sure it is lovely, but as I said....I never got the link!!!

    my word verification is "bullees"...kinda sounds like me, eh??!! :o)

  2. thanks leslie...just got my calendar!!
    you are the best!!

  3. I actually stopped sending them because so many people were having trouble getting them up and going. Hope it works for least you have a techy son who can assist with operating problems. Cheers!

  4. This has been my most favorite Christmas card ever; thanks for the link!