Thursday, December 8, 2011

Caballero A Spanish Gentleman

Our ballroom line dance class had it's Christmas Dinner Dance last Friday evening at the Faculty Club. This time our darling instructor Sarina and her sweet husband Tony joined us for the event. Joined by other dancing friends, we had so much more confidence to have our leader with us that we all thought we did quite well. This is our latest (slightly more difficult) choreography "Caballero". I love the music, but have been unable to shake it from my mind ever since. It's like it was a traumatic experience after which we all bonded.

This YouTube is the one I prefer to use for practice purposes. If you proceed through the first part of the video, at the end, you can follow the lesson from Juliet Lam....

There will be another dance in the spring, and I'm sure this melody will still be coursing through my psyche. If you start now, you'll all have it by then :) We have yet to find this "Caballero" to join us:)


  1. OMG it reminds me of Ana!!

    I wish we could play dancing together. The video instructor is good.

  2. She is singing in Italian not Spanish!

  3. Funny you should say that Giovanna! We had the most animated discussion about this very issue in our dance class. The instructor, Sarina, and Rosa, another Italian woman, were singing along and then it got into the pronunciation of "Caballero". By the time we finished, I think Sarina taught the class in Italian! It was too hilarious.