Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Dana started it. Talking about eggnog.

Now I have to admit, we are so totally into it. I'm not sure if it's the soporific effect of the "additions" or the seasonal mellowness of the drink, it's just hard to resist.

Do NOT get low fat or reduced whatever. I know, I know, there are probably waaay too many calories, but it's just so

P.S. Don't run out of eggnog on a Sunday evening :)

Photo: The web


  1. I've been happy to get the occasional credit for something but I have NEVER felt more proud of being the first of the season to remind you of the (much adorned) eggnog. It, along with fabulous music, is truly one of the greatest pleasures of the season....yes there IS a god.

  2. My own personal god is Captain Morgan...a swashbuckler with a pleasurable punch! :)

  3. I say find god where you see god.

    BTW my 'word' is imgqng. Go figure.

  4. A "potent potable" - to be sure, if made correctly.

  5. bought some for my son for christmas eve...he loves it!!! especially with a side of shortbread!! how decadent!!

  6. with shortbread or without, with captain morgan or without, eggnog is a true delight of the season. I love your photo and thanks for reminding me to go and get some NOW.

  7. Leslie...thanks for giving me a great idea to bring for Christmas Eve at my in-laws.