Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best Bar none

At a recent Christmas gathering, I was introduced to the latest Charles Pachter book, "Canada Counts". You may remember this Toronto artist's "M is for Moose"?

I have a copy waiting for Zoë, but more importantly, within it, I also have a taste tested recipe for Nanaimo bars. "Ma Soeur" made this version of what we nationally claim to be "ours", not unlike hockey. These confections are one of my daughter's favourites, and indeed, SHE, who doesn't cook, made Nanaimo bars herself this year.

The book is amazing, and, as Hélène pointed out to me, the visual teaching value of numbers is wonderful. Ma soeur was the kindergarten/primary teacher that everyone asked for. She was part Mary Poppins and part Nanny McPhee which made her very effective, if not magic with 5 & 6 year old children. She also wore neat clothes, another reason to abide by her recommendations :)

I'm not sure which recipe I have followed for years. I'm sure it wasn't with chopped almonds in the base layer. This recipe is the one I will follow from now on. As I said, it was taste tested and as "bars" go, this is the best so far.

The official City of Nanaimo recipe.

I highly recommend this book, not only for the recipes...Strawberry-rhubarb pie too, but also for the enduring Canadian images so beautifully represented in numbers.


  1. love love love nanaimo bars...
    any recipe will do very nicely!

  2. What a clever title for this post! "Canada Counts" is a fabulous book indeed, and "M is for Mouse" is on my next book order. Thanks for the compliments, but only one actually applies...I do bear a striking resemblance to Nanny McPhee! I believe it is that one prominent tooth and the warts in particular. I now have a hankering for Nanaimo Bars. Fortunately, I know where they are and they thaw quickly!

  3. Leslie...thank you for sharing the link to the nanaimo bars. I'll have to try this out.