Sunday, January 8, 2012

Don't Forget! Tonight is the Premiere of Downton-Abbey Season 2

Why do all the good shows come at once! We only have two television sets and the VCR is constantly on record. We have no way of ever catching up. After having nothing to watch since Christmas specials, there is now "The Crimson Petal and the White", the first two episodes of which I reviewed last night. THE steamiest version of Victorian England that will ever be aired on t.v.

Tonight of course they've put all the teasers out for "The Firm", "Luck", "The Good Wife", "Pan Am" and of course "Downton Abbey". We'll be recording and no doubt running up and down stairs while flipping and flapping the remote! Let me know if I've missed anything.


  1. We have just finshed watching the re-runs of last years Downton Abbey...just to refresh our faded memories...we are ready for tonight!!
    Is The Crimson and White on BBC???
    When did that start?? we also follow Midsomer Murders on Mondays on TVO...Poirot...we are suckers for the period pieces!! Happy Viewing!!

  2. it's Monday morning and I'm exhausted from the whole Sun night lineup.

  3. What will Mary decide? The evil Vera! Mysterious Lavinia! The merits of hunting tweeds vs. hiking tweeds. Gotta love Downton Abbey. Must find out about The Crimson and White.