Monday, January 23, 2012

From her viewpoint

If only history had been taught like this in school. As the Professor points out, I wouldn't have had time to read a tome such as this when I was in high school, but I don't think I would have forgotten the historical content, had it appealed this much to me then.

Catherine, her life from being a German princess, to Russian despot, as seen from her point of view....well, as much as can be gleaned from her own and others memoirs and letters. The perfect historical novel, written by a witty scholar.

This is a huge book, but it is going really quickly and I am smitten with it. Today is the perfect dark day to curl up and pretend one is part of the Russian court.


  1. Excellent idea. Just stay away from horses.

  2. This must be my next book. Sounds like a good, juicy read!

  3. Dana - the things you say!! :)
    Looks like a great read - you surely read "Nicholas and Alexandra" which is one of my favorite books. Suzanne Massie (ex-wife) wrote "Land of the Firebird-The Beauty of Old Russia" w/lots of detail about Russian art, culture, daily life. No doubt you recall the huge portrait of Catherine at Hillwood.

  4. Thanks David. I always treasure your recommendations and comments :) I was unaware of these books and will definitely look them up. I'm half-way now, Catherine has crowned herself...quite a study keeping all these Russian names straight! Let's go back to Hillwood! YES!