Thursday, January 12, 2012

Got my "singing voice" back

Lately I've been seeing the oddest things as "signs"....I'm not sure 'signs' of what, but long time friends showing up out of the blue, hawks, from the tops of oak trees in the back yard waking me...

then, on the way home from "5 Guys Burger and Fries" radio blasting Sixties on the brisk oldie from "The Hondells"...where I found that my singing voice has returned...meaning, the END of pneumonia! This is THE most official of pronouncements. The sign here is probably what in the WORLD were you doing in Five Guys?????

I was belting it out and returned home to find a "Groupon" coupon for's a sign, I'm sure of it. I'm also sure that if I'm driving the scooter, The Professor is going to have real trouble with the moves required in the song :)
First gear... it's all-right
Second gear... a lean right
Third gear... hang on tight
....Faster...It's all-right!


  1. We've wanted those scooters for a looong time. When are we going to actually DO it?????? SO glad about your singing voice but still ask you to refrain from singing to me...because even in the best of times....

    I LOVE THE HEALTHY YOU!!! (still loved you when you were sick...)

  2. yeah.....
    what were you doing at 5 guys???
    glad your voice is back...that song reminds me of wed am fitness class...
    ahhh...the good old days..

  3. Speaking of Wed. am fitness class. Hope you get your exercise legs back soon! Work off all that Five Guy fat!

  4. Glad to know that you are "up to snuff" w/your voice now. That song was such a hit, wasn't it? Here's to a healthy 2012 for one and all!