Friday, January 13, 2012

How Canadians Learn their Colours

I remember as a child similar festive occasions with cousins when your activities went relatively unnoticed by the adults. It was so easy to just sneak off and busy oneself with all the new and exciting nooks and crannies to explore. With a not-yet-1-year-old and a not-yet-2-year-old alternately crawling and running around a big house, it's easy to take your adult eyes off things for a few moments amidst all the merriment....

It may have all started with a rousing rendition of Skinamarink....not sure, possibly the sippy cup got confused with the wine glass???

Okay Wyatt, here's the deal. Some adult left all this recycling here in the kitchen, so I suggest we try and get our colours right and really impress them....first...go for the GREEN can!

Okay, great, now the BLUE one. Good Wyatt!!!

Red is such a Christmassy colour....tip it up boy!

Oh for heaven's sake. Boys and their beer! I'm going to try for the white wine.
Very refined.

That's our girl!

Disclaimer: No alcohol was consumed by underage drinkers in this post. The men in the family get every last drop!

Photo Credits: Auntie T.


  1. Cute! Well, it has to be 5:00 somewhere, as they say...


  2. love zoe's kilt!!!
    how much fun it is with little ones around...who does wyatt belong to??
    I am sure you have many more photos of the little ones to share...sweet..

    when my parents had "people" siblings and I would all come out in our jammies...say "goodnight" and disappear for the night...

    glad you all had such fun with the wee ones...

  3. Long time family friends and now a new generation is emerging. The kilt is one that Zoë's Mummy had at the same age. Christmas certainly is different with grandchildren! Makes it all magic again. We had so much fun that day, I can't tell you how we laughed, and sang and clapped and enjoyed the warmth of family.