Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Mushroom Soup Challenge

Life is full of challenges, but none quite as daunting as the "Mushroom Soup Challenge". The Professor picked up two flats = 24 cans of mushroom as opposed to one flat of mushroom and one of tomato. He swears the Mushroom was in the Tomato spot :)

We've had the famous tuna casserole with potato chips, and a version to use up frozen meatballs, as well as one evening just eating it as SOUP. We still have 21 cans to go.

Personally I grew up with mushroom soup on pork chops and chicken and I know that the "purists" find this really disgusting, but to me, it's a bit of comfort food. Luckily it's cold and wintery now....perhaps I'll donate one flat to the food bank, which would take us down to 9 cans, but in the meantime, make sure that you mention what your way of using the soup is.

I may even invite you over for dinner!


  1. Easy Beef Stew
    1 1b. stewing beef (well trimmed)
    1 can mushroom soup
    squirt or two of ketchup or bbq sauce
    1/2 cup or so of chopped onion
    a few mushrooms sliced
    Mix all together in greased casserole.
    Bake at 275 degrees for 3 hours.
    Serve with or over mashed potatoes and with other veggies or salad.
    Tasty and very tender.

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  3. Salmon & Peas on Toast

    Heat one can of mushroom soup
    (Do NOT add milk or water)
    Stir in a can of salmon
    Add one cup of frozen peas

    Serve over lightly buttered toast

    Repeat every day for 21 days

    Strict Vegetarian Version

    -Substitute water for the mushroom soup to avoid presevatives
    -Substitute tofu for the salmon
    -Use fresh peas grown within 100km of your house
    -Skip the butter
    -Use toast made from rice flour or skip the toast altogether and pour the watery tofu and peas over rice

  4. my dad used to make "robin hoods".
    hand made beef patties..seared in black iron frying pan...
    pour can of mushroom soup over
    cover and simmer for 15 minutes

    I can taste them now!!!! delish...

    My mother-in-law always put her left-over turkey in mushroom soup..and then served over mashed potatoes

    but, I must say...Larry's recipe(first...not the second)sounds good...I guess I know what's for dinner tonight!!!

    Bon Appetit!!! :o)

    my word verification is "cents"...

  5. It needs to be said that the entire family is a bit "skeptical" of The Professor's cooking ability. This is one of his only recipes and the kids always knew what they would eat in my absence. No wonder one of them has turned to vegetarianism :) Whenever he exclaims..."How about salmon and peas on toast"...we all groan and shout back NO!

  6. Now in support of the professor, Mr. Beach here absolutely adores Salmon & Peas on Toast, in fact we had it for Sunday dinner just yesterday. I must admit however, that I have not attempted to present him with this more complicated version! Come to think of it, that might be perfect for next Sunday's menu, and according to the directions, that would take us almost through to his birthday. Oh heck, it could BE birthday dinner, if I have time of course! Is that flat of soup still up for grabs???

  7. Total comfort food! Do ignore the food columnists and their ilk. My mother's meatloaf was delicious, she used the soup to cover the top before baking. I've made chicken pot pie using this and cream of chicken soup (just Google the recipe), with a Bisquik topping - this gets recipe requests at potlucks!

  8. Thanks folks! This will set me on my way to many warm and tasty evenings involving Mushroom Soup!

  9. My mom used to make salmon and peas on toast. Yuck. but she also made that pork or chicken with the soup poured over it. That was okay... But the staple in my house is the tuna casserole. Just tuna and mushroom soup over cooked noodles and then bake. You don't need the nasty peas. Or the chips on top ( even though potato chips are my favourite food group, I don't need them on my delish tuna casserole) I don't know any other recipes. I think that I could eat the casserole for 21 days straight though!