Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolution: I will not sign up for any more classes until I have finished

Most of the bits and pieces are back where they stay until next Christmas. I'm not sure why, but there is always a lot of rearranging even though it all goes back in "exactly"? the same place each time. Why does it expand???

It has been so long now that I can't even remember when I had the fat idea to paint a canvas tree skirt by Catherine Holman.

It seemed like a great thing at the time. I was in the thick of folk art painting and the pattern was by one of my favourite folk artists. She has subsequently specialized in kind of woman! In the day, I even took a course from her in an effort to ape her fastidious style.

So, it is now 2012, and this is a picture of a picture of the fabled tree skirt

These are a few more of the pictures in the packet that would be used to complete the project.

This is a photo of what has been completed to date and shoved under the tree, for more years than I can count, with the unfinished portion well to the back!

This the paint that is required to finish the project. It's in a Christmas cookie tin that hopefully brings seasonal inspiration.

And this is all that I have to finish!

This cannot be put away one more year without at least the skaters on the pond! My eyesight is not getting any better, which by the way, might explain why even Catherine Holman is making BIG cupcakes.

I'll be at the dining room table in the full daylight...see you next Christmas! :)


  1. How smart to make such a plan. The tree skirt will be quite a conversation piece, and there will be no real need to mention the time required to complete the project. It always feels good to see a task through to completion. An example for me might be the 1998 Caribbean Cruise album! I shall get right on it, thanks to you!

  2. Can I come too??
    I always enjoyed your classes so much...we sure had a lot of laughs, and worked darn hard...this will be beautiful when you of luck, are a wonderful painter...guess I better make some sort of resolution for the new year...I will get back to you on that one!!!

    Linda :o)

  3. That's some tree skirt, Leslie! You are so meticulous in all that you do, but really, I think the thing is quite lovely as is - the snowy hills and all! Whew - all that work, to have it under a tree with gifts on top! I almost think I would want a tabletop tree so that I could enjoy looking at it a bit.


  4. David, you are so correct! You may have started a new trend. A small table tree....I even have a CERAMIC one that my Mum made many years ago. When we get the to stage where we are visiting the little family and their big tree, this will be the perfect solution! In the meantime, someone else has privately noted that his might be the perfect therapy for the next few months!:)

  5. There's an early engraving of Victoria and Albert (he introduced the Christmas tree to England, I think) showing their family gathered around a tabletop tree. Seems rather charming to me - but somebody decided at some point that "bigger was better."