Monday, January 9, 2012

So many challenges

The problem with bloghopping is that you can get a bit over stimulated if you don't keep yourself in check. It all started with Ludgera and her idea about the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. Of course Ludgera will diligently have this quilt whipped up by next week.

It reminded me that some time ago, obviously in a moment of madness, I purchased a similar project called Dear Jane...a civil war quilt. I don't even know where the book is at this point, but it's somewhere in the quilting pile.

Back to the theme here....Ludgera's blog led me to Fussycut. Angela's listing of all the interesting things she's doing got me not only intrigued about knitting and finishing my afghan, but also the the Instagram project. "The January Photo a Day Project"

Mary Ann Moss (Happy Birthday today!) is now into Instagram, so I had to find out all about it to quell my curiosity. Turns out, I'd already installed the app and had a few followers, but never truly understood the drill! I'm going to try and use this one exclusively with the iPhone.

Roben-Marie, like many others is doodling, and I've just about finished my on-line class with her inks, so I have a raft of supplies.

As I was scurrying around the house trying to find suitable photo subjects, The Professor and I had a discussion about whether or not everyone does EVERYTHING, or just one of these things. I tend to want to do EVERYTHING at once instead of focusing. That was the end of the discussion.

Nancy is doodling too. Have a look at The Sketchbook Challenge.

As for me....I'll be dreaming and scheming (quilting, knitting, photography, doodling) as I tackle a few Monday household chores and then face the canvas tree skirt that takes up the entire dining table. The afternoon sun is the best light.


  1. thanks leslie, just what i need another challenge and several new blog to check out!!!!

  2. I want to get a refresher on the knitting...perhaps in the spring....when you have finished doodling,painting,and all those other things!!!
    Perhaps The Professor is right...
    one thing at a time...
    just saying.... :o)

  3. One thing at a time? I'm not so sure it's important to group the time and projects. I say organize them into pieces or individual project parts of each and do them as you like being careful to keep the supplies separate. The reality is there will always be new things thrown into the mix. Staying totally organized runs interference with staying open and inspired.

  4. Dear Jane/Leslie,
    there is hope, just join all the challenges. A friend of mine started the Dear Jane squares last year hand-pieced! Very impressive. I love this big movement to go to the basics what we learned back in school. Sock knitting is big and crochet potholders in all colours. Great hostess gift for a cook. Get cracking..
    P.S. I forgot, embroider all your doodles and take the the 365 photo challenge to keep track. I just love t all.