Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

In honour of Leap Day, here is a little montage of Mommies and Kiddies Gym in LA. As you will see, there is quite a bit of LEAPING!!!

It all starts off in quite a civilized is after all only 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, and Mommy has already put in a 50+ hour week at work.....

Introductions all around the circle

Purposeful drum playing

Guess who dares to go UNDER the parachute??

Sleeping Bunnies....I'm pretty sure this is another section designed by the parents :)

Bunnies Awaken

Yes, this is blurry...and will continue to be so for quite some time..there is a lot of running and squealing.

Bubbles to chase

Should I do it Mom?

Ready, Steady....GO
See where the ceiling is??

YIKES! My hair is straight up!!

Happy Leap Day Everyone!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Sunday

Sunday morning in LA and we are preparing for the Oscars!

What an exciting time to be in this town. Michael is preparing a feast and we are about to start watching in Real Time! (12 Noon here!) Last night we had a spectacular night tour of the glittering downtown. Eating at the "Market" at "The Grove" and cruising under the moonlight down Rodeo Drive and Wiltshire Blvd. It really IS "Beverlywood".

I had recently seen a show on the Food Network about "SPRINKLES"
Jane was kind enough to seek out this emporium on Santa Monica Blvd., which apparently was open until 8 p.m. Little did we know that at 7:30 p.m. we would be standing in line outside.

Even the pups have to wait outside

Some of the 'other girls' decided to stay in to consume their goodies.

When you finally get close to the door....

You can peek inside

The selection is getting lower!

Some people are inside and some are outside, which can cause some consternation

Everything is fine again when you leave with your goodies boxed and packaged up. The only thing left to do is to sing and dance your way home under the moonlight. We hope the people still in line get their choices!

4 Red Velvet, 2 Black and White, 1 Banana, 2 Strawberry, 2 Vanilla, and 1 Chocolate Raspberry. The perfect Dozen.

Who needs stars on sidewalks!

I guess we'll say the proof is in the cupcake! I barely had time to get the camera out the following day!

Apparently, Sprinkles is opening all over the place these days (NYC and DC I'm on my way!!!) ...if you ever get the opportunity, do not pass GO, .....Get Them!

The End

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Day at the "Getty"

Papi and Mamère had a day at the Getty. We purchased an entire art gallery for Zoë (in postcard form). She can look at all the little children in the pictures and when she's old enough, we will return and show her the real portraits. This art gallery is just wonderful. Decorative arts, sculpture, paintings, a photography exhibit, and situated in a glorious setting. Magnificent!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Santa Monica Beach

The weather is back up into the mid 70's now. The water is still waaaay too cold for Mamères. Not so little girls.

You can never have enough photographers at the beach!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

When you wish upon a STAR

Sleeping Beauty is so pretty!

Mickey's house is just the right size

This is the happiest Mickey meal with macaroni and cheese, apple slices and a nice drink. The cookie is FABULOUS!

Fairy Godmother's give big {{{{{Hugs}}}}}

I think I'll go with this one...out of about a million choices :)