Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Day at the "Getty"

Papi and Mamère had a day at the Getty. We purchased an entire art gallery for Zoë (in postcard form). She can look at all the little children in the pictures and when she's old enough, we will return and show her the real portraits. This art gallery is just wonderful. Decorative arts, sculpture, paintings, a photography exhibit, and situated in a glorious setting. Magnificent!


  1. I have yet to get to the Getty. I have planned to go several times... just can't seem to do it. Your photos are tempting.

  2. This was exactly the day needed to cleanse the palate with art. What a spiritual spa.

  3. Isn't it just amazing? The Foundation buys Van Gogh's Irises for $50-$70 million and then spends $1 billion to house it!

    Lauren A.