Saturday, February 11, 2012

If I was in LA

This is the view when you open the door this morning. Only 3 more sleeps!


  1. I used the same title in my posting and I even noted that it was grammatically incorrect. That didn't stop the grammar police from commenting.

    You're lucky that you have such nice readers who understand these things. -:)

    Some of them are even teachers!

  2. Well if I WERE to comment it would be totally obnoxious.

    Snow, dreaming of LA, of course! We have no snow and who can dream when all they can do is read Catherine the Great??!!

    When I'm not reading it I'm wondering if I'm annoyed at you for the suggestion!!

    love, D

  3. Tell the "Professor" Grammar doesn't count on Sunday. How long are you going to be away? We need to do lunch. What's your email, have something to send to you. Bonnie

  4. your grammar is perfecto!!
    I knew exactly what you meant..
    now, only 2 sleeps!!

    have a wonderful time

    see you when you get back

    Linda :o)