Sunday, February 5, 2012

A lovely poetic read

I'm a great fan of Heather Mallick, a columnist in "The Toronto Star". In today's paper there is a "colourful" two page spread....

"As we trudge through a grey February, blast us with scarlet and mauve".

"Yellow — The yolks of happy hens are an emergency-coloured orange-yellow I could be talked into this backyard chicken coop Toronto-Portlandia thing, you know, just to taste the wet frisky apricot yolks you get from chickens not raised in a battery. Yellow is the colour of the sun, butter, jaundice, wheat, cheese, lemons, cowslips, cowardice, quarantine flags, Murdoch journalism and straw. Yellow is little seen here. Follow that school bus! Pardon? Just cruising for cadmium, Officer."
Take a few minutes to read this article, it will cheer you and leave you with a smile on your face.


  1. OK, I'm going to wear my pink scarf today! Did you see the "Flaming Rainbow Coat" in the Comments section? Now THAT will brighten a grey February.

    Lauren A.

    PS. I agree, a lovely read - except for the reference to beets.

  2. What wonderful breezy descriptives for all those glorious colors.

    Here in Mexico we are not starved for color; we are enveloped in brilliant colors from sea to sky, flora and fauna and everywhere in between. And THE best eggs you will ever eat with enormous yellow-orangy yolks.

    Come visit......