Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More than just a cake

Yesterday, I had to pick up my sewing machine after it's repair and tune-up. This time, without the Professor in tow, I had much more time to peruse the shop. I had seen a bundle of 10 inch fabric squares called "Layer Cake".

The woman at the desk told me to look up the Layer Cake tutorial.

Doesn't this look like fun!

I was at The Oakville Sewing Center I can't believe I have not been here more often. My smocking teacher Judith Marquis used to work there, and highly recommends it. They have a huge sale on now, and an even bigger sale when they move to their new location at the end of the month. They have Kaffe Fassett fabrics as well as Amy Butler.


  1. I love this tutorial...a great project for Madeline's upcoming Birthday. Hope you have some great finds at the sale. Love Amy Butler...

  2. That is so cool! I have two sewing machines in cabinets here, neither of which is operating at peak performance. So what I need is: one of those cutting boards, one of those cutting gizmos, a new ironing board, a new portable sewing machine...and a trip to Oakville for the layer cake materials. I love her "mishmash" technical sewing term, and the way she just strings them together with no reverse stitch. I have never seen anyone press a seam with such haste. It would SEEM that there is no need to press open a SEAM! What would Miss McKenzie think of that?

  3. what did you buy??
    what is your next project??
    I, too, have 2 machines in cabinets that don't work...that was going to be one of my new years projects...I used to sew all my clothes in high school, and when I started working full-time....used to make my girls a lot of clothes, and gave hand made gifts for christmas etc...I WILL get a new machine this spring...there, I have put it in writing for all to see

    wish me luck...:o)

  4. THIS i could make!!!!
    easy peasy!!! our next play day should start with 5 inch blocks cut and sew and make tote bags!!!
    thanks for finding/sharing this link

  5. Love the black/white/red combination with that shot of yellow!

    Lauren A.

  6. I believe I made those totally unintentionally. It makes me hope that if I wait long enough all my mistakes will become fashions!

  7. This store is one of my favorites. The owner Linda was the one who sold me my current sewing machine. She is great as a teacher and the classes she runs are terrific too. Her new location should be okay once we are used to it too. I get an e-mail from them all the time.