Friday, March 23, 2012

"But there isn't any sleeves!"

Just finished another attempt at knitting for Zoë. After the disaster of knitting a poncho for a two year old, I am now knitting in size 4-5. It would appear, that Ponchos have NO SLEEVES!!! This is discomfiting to those who are learning to dress themselves...
Meanwhile, some large bear will have a splendid wrap!

I love the way this "Crofter DK" variegated yarn knits up like Fair Isle without all the complicated twists.

It is wonderful knitting in itty bitty can finish a sweater in no time.
The hardest part is putting it all together.

If you have any yarn left over and you happen to know a doggie named Myles, you could make one of these :) I'm sure there would be no objections to sleeveless in this case..just watch it...that's my tail!

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  1. I think Zoe looks great in the poncho. And, Myles is definitely a clothes hound :)

  2. Indeed it is beautiful yarn. Wish I could do some dog sweaters but then there's Whimsy.....

  3. El, that isn't Zoë in the picture it's the kid on the pattern! She's cute alright, but young enough to just sit there and pose. Not so easy with a 2 year old. Zoë won't wear the poncho, hence "Mr. Bear" is the current recipient. I think Myles would love it...I think they've just adjusted the poncho to fit. Couldn't resist:)

  4. Dear Leslie Jane: Adorable Baby Zoë! Would this pattern be too bold on an adult? I would love to try to make a poncho for my hub and me too, I love capes as well~

  5. Cute sweater pattern! Poor Myles :-) such a cooperative model though.

  6. so, that isn't young Zoe in the photo?!
    I knew that....hahhahaha
    have you finished the blue one yet??
    It will be has sleeves!!

  7. Of course, she could certainly HAVE been a poncho model, perhaps a career in the making?