Thursday, March 1, 2012

My new Favourite Bag

Can you tell I'm unpacking??

This bag holds my large camera, and a lap top. A pashmina for the plane as well as a good sized novel...{waiting for Kindle Fire to hit Canada - but it will fit that too}.
Makeup case, wallets, passport, phone, miscellaneous got it! It's BIG. It weighs nothing to start with so that is the best part. It also fits under the aircraft seat!

Hannah's Tote - Cobalt Paisley

" *Zippered top opens to a roomy interior with 5 organizing pockets and a key hook
*1 exterior front zippered storage pocket and a double-duty extra large pocket at back that also unzips at the bottom to secure your tote to roller luggage
*Perfect for the beach or travel - carries a lot!
*Comfortable, shoulder length straps
*Easily wipes clean / water repellent interior and exterior
*Eco friendly, HADAKI products are AZO free. We use no Phthalates / DEHP, DBP, or BOP"

Hakaki Bags


  1. What's it like on the inside? Any slots or support for computer, etc? Love the look.

  2. almost like a fancy messenger bag...
    very nice indeed...
    holds everything you need..
    makeup and're good to go!!

    Linda :o)

    one of my word verifications is "unesi".....I'll say!!!

  3. Dana, one of the girls said...
    What's it like on the inside? Any slots or support for computer, etc?

    There is a zippered pocket and pockets surrounding the inside of the bag, but no "formal" nook for the computer. The interior is big enough for my lap top and when everything else is crammed around, it pretty much stays put...except when you have to take it out to go through security, and then it's handy to have the outer pocket for accessibility. Got this one at Chautauqua!

  4. Of course you got it at Chautauqua!! I looked the company up and they sell at a few stores near me. I have to think about Ruby (for obvious reasons).....

    Thanks for the tip love.

  5. Oh, no, Leslie Jane, you've hit my button/weakness--purses! I've got my eye on the O'Floral Hannah bag now.

  6. Hi! I found these bags, thanks to YOUR blog! After hours of searching, I think I may have found the perfect bag for my needs for moving to Singapore (light, durable, water resistent, etc.!) One question though- does the bottom have any kind of sturdy or solid base? Thanks for your time!