Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jumping for Joy

Clearly Zoë is jumping for joy. A spot in the local (2 blocks away) pre-school in Venice, California has opened up, so she'll be going to SCHOOL a couple of afternoons a week, starting in the fall!

The Venice Garden
Could it be any cuter???

Photo: Pixelfix


  1. There is a song for that and it is very complicated!

    Jump, jump,jump to school,
    Jump to school together,
    Jump, jump, jump to school,
    Jump to school together.

    Call for the tune please, or skype me and I can provide actions. I will teach you "Gang Goon" at the same time, which she absolutely must master prior to commencing her formal education!

  2. PS
    "The Venice Garden" definitely sounds like the place to be. How lovely to see a school so in tune with nature. Painting out of doors appears to be particularly appealing. Oh yes, I love the address as well, Walnut Avenue, with appropriate trees perhaps?

  3. Yay for flowers and stripes together!

  4. I swear...that angel gets cuter every day!!!

    I think she will flourish at school...look at the lineage she comes from...scholars by the score..