Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My latest addiction

Okay, so I'm addicted! It's called "Draw Something".

First saw it on "Instagram" (to which I am also addicted) it's an iPhone thing.

My son got me started. He's a computer game designer and a real artist, so it was a bit daunting getting involved in a digital "Pictionary" game, but what can you do when your kid wants you to play??

Dragged a few good natured friends into the fray and we're sketching until all hours :)

The boy informs me that this wildly popular game has generated enough interest that the app Draw Something was recently sold for 2 Million Dollars!

Hopefully the one my kid is working on will do well enough to earn this much and allow me to draw away while living on the Island of Mustique! ....with the Rolling Stones and others :)

Must go out and get a photo of "the mail" {#Aprilphotoaday} and try and beat 100 games completed on "Draw Something".....no time to make meals:)


  1. I had to re-synch for Draw Something now. It's not working!!

  2. You certainly are a modern gal...always keeping up with the times...
    I certainly envy you for that...

    don't worry about the meals...there's something I am addicted to...cooking!!

    also to blogging...god help us all!!