Thursday, April 12, 2012

What is all that noise???

For weeks now, the birds around our house have been a bit crazed. It has been a very early spring in these parts and I guess they are all a little frisky at the moment! One day, I heard this strange crashing, thrashing, tapping noise at the side window. This is who it was. Grabbed the camera and got a shot of the noise maker.

This apparently is who all this fuss is being made over.

This guy is just generally NUTS and sits there saying "Whatever".

Spring has sprung


  1. adorable pair of purple finch...
    pesky squirrel...
    you are so right...
    spring has sprung!!

  2. heyyyy...where's the cute kitty???

  3. The kitty was scaring the birds and like most cats was being a nuisance :) Back to the widget pound!