Friday, May 4, 2012

A Toast to 1812

The best way to start a tour at Hillwood Museum is, jump off a plane in Washington, DC and head straight to lunch. This was one clever luncheon menu to celebrate:

"The Style That Ruled The Empires..Russia, Napoleon and 1812"

An even better way to start a luncheon is with a chilled bottle of Prosecco and a toast to 2012!!

Two hundred years later, and the celebration of reading the recent historical novel by Robert K. Massie "Catherine The Great: Portrait of a Woman" one of the best books ever.

This was the French Menu.

This was the Russian Menu. You may or may not notice that the desserts (Spiced Russian Marscarpone Honey Cake, and Chocolate Napoleon) are not photographed. All I can say is that 3 people were so in rapture that we all had our eyes closed ooohing and aaahing. Much too much fun to be taking pictures...some memories are just like that.

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