Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy Weekend

So much to celebrate, so little time. Mother's Day, The Professor's Birthday. What to do what to do. How about trying a Dairy Queen ice cream cake??? I have never had one.

The kids said..."are you going to eat the entire thing yourselves???" Well, of course! They freeze well :)


  1. Very pretty and quite tasty as I recall. People who don't like cake in our family used to request Dairy Queen cake for birthdays. I think there was usually a sports figure on the ones we purchased. This one looks very attractive indeed.

  2. Looks delish...
    Hope you had a lovely day...oh...and belated birthday wishes to the Professor...aka...Larry...:o)

  3. Oh dear....I tell you I'm just having a horrible time cutting back and you post THAT picture? Oh well, I'll just have to raid your fridge when I'm next there.

  4. Here's hoping you had a fine Mother's Day! Indeed, DQ makes a number of delightful frozen treats, this is one of the more attractively presented goodies.


  5. Yum! It's been a while...but they are good!