Thursday, May 31, 2012

For the birds

We have been having to be "quiet" and respectful in our backyard as of late. Lots and lots of nesting and hatching going on this year. Now it would appear we are into the next phase and the flying lessons have begun. Mother and Father Cardinal have been frantic with their only offspring. Baby was elusive, but the family came to say goodbye for another season.

Little Robin Redbreast was being particularly obstreperous and despite admonitions from parents such as "The cat will get you if you stay there!" Baby was determined to take his time in the under garden.

"WhoooHooo...Just made it!"

In honour of all the little birdies that have kept me quiet in the garden, in the in-between time, I worked on my ...all the way from LA... French General pincushion. Made with the English paper piecing method, a lot of hand work and excellent tutoring.

Now that they've all flown, the work begins!


  1. Great shots...
    Did you take them from inside, or outside???
    I love how the baby birds are usually 3 times as big as their parents...and always hungry!!!
    I got a great shot of Ma Robin and baby...have you visited me lately???
    Enjoy the rest of your day...gonna be a lulu tomorrow...but much needed..

  2. Superb baby bird photos and such a lovely pillow.