Sunday, May 6, 2012

If it's Tuesday, it's Titanic, Tabard and Textiles

This day I decided to take pictures exclusively with my iPhone. After all the miles and miles of walking I was certainly glad not to be lugging my "big" camera.


a “brewmaster’s castle”

Mansions and elegant row houses from the early 1900s remain, many as single family residences. Others serve as museums, bed and breakfasts, embassies or non-profit organizations.

Antique Fire Call Boxes

Spanish Steps

Named for a scion of the prominent Delaware family, Dupont Circle evolved from a hardscrabble “wilderness” to become Washington’s most fashionable address at the close of the 19th-century.

No wonder I was so tired after this tour. My friend David mapped out this fabulous walking tour for us. We enjoyed such good brisk weather and I can tell you that he is in great shape as a resident of DC who has no car!!! I'm tired just reviewing what we did in one day :)


  1. What a willing victim you were, Leslie and such a good sport! Great photos and commmentary of your visit - only wish I were in 1/2 as good shape as you think! :)


  2. Oh David, Leslie came home nightly singing your praises....her shoes kicked off at the door and herself on the couch barely able to talk. Have you thought of becoming a tour guide??

  3. Dana, we left few stones unturned, methinks. Tour guide - well, ya just never know!