Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Real Angry Birds

This past weekend, in Canada, we celebrated "The 24th. of May...the Queen's birthday".

It is traditionally the date when one was allowed to take off their long underwear, as well as the biggest gardening weekend of the season.

We had a bit of trouble working in the back yard as there are several nesting families in various locations. When not being dive bombed by black capped chickadees, we were serenaded by youngsters peeping for the next feeding.

Peeking in through the Persian Lilac, can you just see mother Cardinal?

Getting a little closer, you can see her nest. This required quite the contortion and unwisely standing on a bistro chair.

She tolerated a few more ginger positions to get this shot with the big lens.

This however is her MAD face. She told me in no uncertain peeps that I had crossed a line, taken too long in the set up and frankly to BUZZ OFF or I risked her coming out there and blasting me.

If you look really closely (click to embiggen) you can see the red breast on the rosy breasted grosbeak. He was giving me the under the tail view only....so much work, so little time! Despite all the avian protestations we got an enormous amount of work done.


  1. Do you still wear long underwear??
    Great shots...we too are in awe of the birds this year...apparently Bluejays are not welcome visitors anywhere near a Robins nest....quite a to do...I must say....

  2. Are you too tired from all your yard work to come to class? Miss you in your spot at the front!