Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This is how I would like today to be.

Mary Cassatt "Young Mother Sewing" 1900

Instead I was schlepping around getting plants and readying for the long weekend.


  1. That could be you and little Zoe..:o)
    Are you having guests for the long weekend???
    Where and what plants did you get???
    I NEED to know!!

  2. First I got a Japanese Maple at Costco. Then I got two potted tomato plants at Longo' cherry tomato the other normal..I've never done tomatoes in containers. I picked up three Korean Boxwood and and a flowering Quince, a nice fern and a few little ivy and fuchsia for the shady spots. I was back and forth like a mad woman. Also got the milk I initially went for :)

  3. Good worK!!
    The prices are pretty good at Longos..
    also good quality...
    Happy Planting!!

  4. That is a perfect picture for how it should be. I am a huge Mary fan.