Monday, May 7, 2012

Who Knew??

In a phone conversation last week about post-travel diets, I was told about a really remarkable breakfast. Baked Oatmeal. Who knew???

I am awaiting the recipe for the rather splendid version related to me, but in the meantime, came up with something that sounds vaguely similar.

From: Mennonite Girls Can Cook...Baked oatmeal with apple and cinnamon.

Ms. O says she uses a type of oatmeal that also contains flax seed and other good-for-you ingredients to boost the wellness factor, but the ease and portability of this is intriguing.

I love the idea of hot oatmeal in the morning, but dread cleaning the sticky pot. This option sounds fabulous.

All Credits: text and photo


  1. I actually think I might make this...I like Oatmeal, but like you said.....The"clean-up" is awful...
    Recipe seems easy enough...
    I'm in!!!

  2. What a timely post. I am NOT an oatmeal enthusiast, however I do love baked oatmeal. In my recipe however, dates are the prescribed fruit rather than apples. There is no messy pot; parchment paper eliminates all residue. When you combine the health benefits of oatmeal and dates I believe my recipe would win hands down. I just happened to make a pan of these delicious "Date Squares" yesterday and have had my breakfast quota already today. This variety can be served at any meal or in between. Excellent with a cup of tea...drop over and give one a try! The kettle is on.

  3. Looks yummy Thanks for sharing this one. Kirk and I have oatmeal with blueberries every morning. I think he is ready for something different

  4. Hmmm ...I've always loathed porridge, but this looks more like apple crisp and it's something I'd definitely try out.