Saturday, June 30, 2012

All The.....

I recently read about this fabulous illustrator in The Toronto Star. This is quite a disciplined undertaking which you can really appreciate if you've ever tried to attempt a personal project of producing/completing something every day. Rigorous work.

An attempt to draw all the buildings in New York by James Gulliver Hancock, an illustrator originally from Australia currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

This current obsession adds to the "All The list"...All the Scooters in Rome, All the rooftops in Paris, All the snow in Montreal, All the mountains in Switzerland...
Think we're seeing a true overachiever in James!

Have a look at his blog where he posts a new building each day...I've added it to my sidebar. I stand in awe and admiration.

I also want the pillow case.

Credits: All - James Gulliver Hancock

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