Monday, June 18, 2012

A few of his favourite things

A rather extravagant gift, but add it to the birthday and keeps him from borrowing mine

Really enjoyed this movie. It got tepid reviews, but anyone over 50 will relate on so many levels. Not to be missed this summer.

Always hear about "Pimms" only just tried it at a spectacular Diamond Jubilee Tea last week (thanks Marsh). Another, NOT TO BE MISSED THIS SUMMER idea. It is a gin based aperatif. What can be bad about that with a splash of lemonade and lots of ice?

You might want to use one of your favourite pitchers to make up a batch of Pimms.

Add a romantic Charles Darwin rose of the David Austen variety and you have a swell day.


  1. You put on those headphones, flick the little switch, and you can't hear a thing! What better gift for a man!

    I might even take them on the airplane.

  2. Good! I just purchased you a ticket to Mumbai! One Way :)

  3. And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, the comedy stylings of Larry 'n Leslie!!! Give 'em a hand!!